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Celebrating Solidarity across EU Cities with #CityFromMyWindow

News release - 08 Jun 2020
Since March, lockdowns have been reinforced by numerous states in Europe. STARDUST, together with the other fellow SCC01 projects, launched a social media campaign on April called #CityFromMyWindow to promote solidarity among citizens

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Struggling with the lockdown? A hashtag can help

News release - 14 Apr 2020
Follow #SmartCitiesHelp to discover the best ideas EU smart cities offer to better deal with the everyday challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic

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It’s time to replicate with Tampere

Interview - 01 Apr 2020
As part of the Tampere Smart City Week, STARDUST’s Lighthouse city of Tampere organised a series of replication workshops on January 29 and 30, for both Finnish cities and for STARDUST’s Follower cities respectively

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Facing a Brave New World with Carbon Neutrality

News release - 27 Mar 2020
This January 2020, STARDUST organised a session at the Tampere Smart City Week called, Carbon Neutral Building and Energy

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The smart last mile of Trento

News release - 19 Mar 2020
The Alpine city will soon launch its "Last Mile Logistics" strategy for a smarter and more sustainable circulation of goods in the city center

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