A brief intro to STARDUST

Cities are highly complex systems. We have seen over the years the evolution of urbanization all over the world yet these cities lack the sustainability required to form a fruitful symbiosis with its citizens. Thus, we saw a rising number of urban challenges in these cities including atmospheric pollution, traffic congestion, fuel poverty, high energy consumption, digital gap and issues with regards to economic growth and job creation.

Interweaving Imagination and Innovation through STARDUST

Energy, mobility and information and communication technologies (ICT) have been identified recently as key elements in improving citizens’ quality of life. In spite the positive outlook they provided, the “dumbing down attitude” of solving urban challenges failed to address the other issues interconnected to them. Thus, a more holistic approach in the form of interdisciplinary solutions, both technical and non-technical, is needed to approach the said urban challenges predominant in many cities.

In STARDUST, intelligent solutions for energy, mobility and ICT will be integrated in cities together with innovative business models, which will serve as blueprints for replication across Europe and abroad. These synergy of actions will transform cities into living labs, platforms where citizens and community engagement will become the driving elements to improve not only their way of life but also their local economies.

The project is fully aligned with the Clean Energy for All Europeans strategy and involves three lighthouse cities and four follower cities.