The main objectives

STARDUST’s objective is to introduce low carbon, highly efficient, intelligent, and citizen oriented cities. This will be done by providing green technical solutions and innovative business models to address the urban challenges identified by the cities involved.

These challenges have got to do with the environment, society, mobility, energy, economy and the cities’ visibility. To name a few examples are urban poverty, poor waste management, incremental air pollution and traffic congestion, lack of jobs, high energy cost and poor international recognition.

According to the challenges pointed out, selected targets are to be met by STARDUST. These include:

  • Creating several “innovation islands”, or urban incubators that demonstrate scalable, cost-effective and bankable urban scale solutions
  • Creating smart ecosystems that makes use of the new economic paradigm in European cities that is based heavily on eco-innovation, market competitiveness, low carbon usage, and promotion of a circular economy
  • Creating and deploying open city information platforms, an ICT platform that allows both lighthouse and follower cities to engage actively with one another and to address effectively their issues with the technical partners
  • Organizing and fostering the lighthouse cities’ solutions, which will be transferred and replicated to the follower cities