STARDUST best practices book, last news and articles: the legacy of our project

Discover the STARDUST best practices book and many other contents, such as the interview with project' coordinator Florencio Manteca, in this final newsletter.

STARDUST has come to an end.

In the last few weeks, we published a lot of important editorial content that represents an important part of  STARDUST’s legacy.

Firstly, the best practices book to share the insights, lessons learned, and advice gained from the STARDUST cities’ experiences throughout the project. This book has three sections. The first covers the best practices developed and applied in the lighthouse cities. The second section covers some of the lessons learned and insights from the follower cities when they adapted and replicated the lighthouse best practices. The third concerns innovative smart business models based on the lessons learned from STARDUST lighthouse cities, including shortlisted financial schemes deemed applicable in the smart city context.

The best practices book is available here for download.

We also interviewed our project coordinator, Florencio Manteca, to reflect together on the legacy of this long journey that started in 2017.

Finally, we published the last journalistic article focused on the challenges of smart business models with the support of our partner Officinae Verdi and two experts from Scalable Cities.

View the newsletter here.