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Can Behaviorally Informed Urban Living Labs Foster the Energy Transition in Cities?

Paper - 25 Mar 2021

Identifying governance schemes that promote cooperation among urban stakeholders is a priority in a context where rapid urbanization poses multiple and complex challenges for ensuring the sustainability of cities. Smart cities offer promising governance approaches, especially in the framework of the concept of Urban Living Labs (ULLs), as an enabling environment for so-called user-centric co-creation processes. While embedding a potential to promote solutions that tackle the challenges of urbanization, especially in relation to the energy transition, it is not yet clear how ULLs can effectively involve all relevant actors nor the extent of their impact, especially regarding behaviors. The study first analyzes the interplay between the challenge of urban energy transition and local governance schemes. Then, it explores how findings from behavioral sciences can inform the design of ULLs to effectively promote active engagement in the urban energy transition. Finally, it reviews the theoretical findings in relation to the ULL that has been taking shape in the city of Trento, Italy. Link to the publication

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EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities Special Issue: European Pathways for the Smart Cities to Come

Paper - 23 Mar 2021

One of the most important missions in Società Italiana della Tecnologia dell’Architettura (SITdA) is promoting a scientific dialogue in the field of technologies. This special issue of Techne Journal covers topics on "smart cities" as part of the start-up phase of the Joint Programs - JP on Smart Cities presented in Special Issue of Techne Journal. Two papers have been published by STARDUST partners - Smart city actions to support sustainable city development, and Linking future energy systems with heritage requalification in Smart Cities. On-going research and experimentation in the city of Trento (IT).

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Organizing innovation contests for public procurement of innovation a case study of smart city hackathons in Tampere Finland

Paper - 01 Mar 2021

Public procurement of innovation is a key policy instrument for improving the quality of public services and achieving wider benefits for society. Recently, innovation contests have re-emerged as a means to procure innovative new solutions. There is, however, a limited understanding of how innovation contests should be organized in the public sector. This paper examines the organization of two smart city hackathon-style innovation contests in Tampere, Finland. Link to publication

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Monitoring of Electric Buses within an Urban Smart City Environment

Paper - 25 Oct 2020

A practical experience on monitoring the data generated by electric buses is presented, focusing on energy consumption, charge and state of the batteries. The work is carried out in the framework of a global smart city strategy developed by the H2020 Smart City Lighthouse STARDUST project. The crucial role of the data collection and transmission from electric buses has become evident in this work, so the adopted solutions are covered in detail. Various key factors for the practical implementation of the necessary communication infrastructure together with the monitoring system architecture are also discussed.

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