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STARDUST englightens Cluj-Napoca on its way to climate neutrality for 2030

Info sheet - 18 Sep 2023

The vision of the follower city Cluj-Napoca is the outcome of aligning the objectives and predictions of the local strategic plans with state-of-the-art innovations of the STARDUST project. As a result, the link between Lighthouse Cities and Cluj-Napoca represents an important process of building knowledge, ensuring a clear and efficient road to achieving smart-city transformation. The project objectives and activities have been used as green vehicle to establishing a close partnership and to achieving climate neutrality in 2030.

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Feasibility Study for a Neighbourhood Energy Management System in Trento

Info sheet - 18 Sep 2023

Industry and tertiary sector activities show interesting opportunities of recovering waste heat from productive processes and auxiliary equipment operation. In reduced scale, this kind of activities are widespread distributed in urban and suburban areas so that thermal energy could be easily integrated in local district heating network instead of being wasted in the environment. Waste heat from industry and tertiary sector activities in the Madonna Bianca neighbourhood (Trento South) has been mapped and quantified in order to assess if it is recoverable in the low temperature water loop as useful thermal energy for the heating and domestic hot water (DHW) demand of the 3 residential buildings (the “Towers”) studied in STARDUST.

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Municipality of Kozani 2030 Roadmap: A giant leap to carbon neutrality

Info sheet - 16 Jul 2023

The global community is trying to move towards a greener future by taking actions to reduce its Green House Gas emissions, which are considered responsible for the rise of the planet’s average temperature and the extreme phenomena that occur more and more often on our planet. Governments alone are not enough to help our planet embark into a new greener tomorrow: cities host today more than 50% of the total earth’s population. At the same time, cities are responsible for a large part of the GHG emission increase. The city of Kozani has the potential and the Mayor with the Municipal Council have the ambition to accelerate the transition of the city to climate neutrality by 2030.

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STARDUST lays the foundations for energy transition in Pamplona

Info sheet - 02 Jun 2023

Pamplona is the capital of the region of Navarra, in the north of Spain. It is home to 200,000 inhabitants and its wider metropolitan area has around 360,000 inhabitants. Pamplona is a Lighthouse city of the H2020 STARDUST project, and involves nine local partners, i.e. the City Council, CENER, MCP, NASUVINSA, the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), the Government of Navarra, BeePlanet, Zabala and SICE. Over five years since the start of the project, the local consortium has implemented several measures in the field of energy, mobility and smart cities, with the ultimate goal of advancing towards more sustainable and resilient cities. The most relevant projects include a platform monitoring Passivhaus buildings, a modern district heating powered by local biomass, smart grids helping decision making in combined energy production, storage and e-mobility, or the deployment of e-mobility.

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