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Trento “Energy Expert Challenge”

Tools - 09 May 2024

During October and November 2023, the Stardust partner Eurac Research conducted an education initiative in a secondary school in Trento. The objective was to educate students about how behaviors can impact our energy consumption, both at school and at home. The activity incorporated gamification elements, with different classes competing against each other in a “challenge” to accurately estimate their school building’s energy consumption, and to identify behavioral strategies to save energy. The initiative was part of the citizen engagement activities of the STARDUST project and was co-developed with the local Environmental Protection Agency (APPA)*. The initiative involved some students aged 14-16.

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STARDUST Smart City Matrix

Tools - 09 May 2024

Based on the information related to sustainability actions, plans and strategies of cities, a Sustainable City Matrix (SCM) impact assessment tool was developed by the Smart Cities Institute (ISC) researchers of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA). This SCM is a powerful and practical tool to assess the impact of innovative technologies in any European city. It provides an initial quantifiable value to measure the degree of sustainability of corresponding city, in the form of a label. This labelling could help city managers, policymakers and urban planners to outline and appraise those actions, plans, and strategies towards smart/sustainable urban environments, as part of the Smart Cities STARDUST project, but it can be used by any European city.

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Pamplona Gamification Tool “Action Group against Energy Waste”

Tools - 09 May 2024

During 2020 Pamplona City Council developed a gamified tool for energy savings in schools, targeted at primary school students. The tool, named “Grupo de Acción Contra el Despilfarro Energético“ (Action Group against Energy Waste) was tested in the first half of 2021 in one school and adjusted according to their feedback. Since October 2021 Pamplona has been implementing this tool in different schools, targeting students of the 5th and 6th year of primary school. The objectives of the activity are to boost learning in schools on energy use and climate change, and inspire energy behavioural change in young citizens, both at school and at home. The tool is contained in a freely accessible web page available in two languages: Spanish and Basque.

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Best Practices Book

Best practices - 26 Mar 2024

The best practices of the STARDUST project have been compiled into a handbook to help other cities and their stakeholders to learn from the experience of the project’s six cities in as many countries. After an overview of the project, the best practice book presents some of the smart city measures developed, tested and applied in the so-called lighthouse cities. It then features a section on replicability in which the follower cities look at the lessons they’ve learned in adapting the measures to their own contexts. A final section deals with innovative smart business models for use in the smart city context.

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