The main impacts

The STARDUST main impact targets in comparison to typical EU targets are as follows:

Typical in EU or EU 2030 target STARDUST 2024
ROI and payback time 2-5% in 16-30 years 9-44% in 2-7 years
Carbon emission reduction 40% 63%
RES share 27% in total with 45% on electricity 62% in total with 49% on electricity
Energy savings 27% 58%


What do these numbers mean?

They suggest that with STARDUST, it will have the following impacts:

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 63%. A stable and economic energy efficient system that is dependent on renewable energy resources will be introduced in houses and in vehicles. Moreover,
  • Increase citizens’ quality of life. By accessing a smarter energy efficient system, they will have a chance to breathe cleaner air.
  • Ensure economically viable and prosperous business environment in cities. Provided by the innovative business model to be implemented in the cities, the bankability of the cities increase. This will also reduce the technical and financial risks, thereby raising the investors’ confidence for financing large scale replication and will provide 6400 new jobs in these cities.