Six cities over six years: STARDUST smart city experience compiled into best practice book

The project’s best practice book draws on six years of endeavours in six smart cities, and sets out some of the best practices, pitfalls and lessons learned

The best practices of the STARDUST project have been compiled into a handbook to help other cities and their stakeholders to learn from the experience of the project’s six cities in as many countries.

After an overview of the project, the best practice book presents some of the smart city measures developed, tested, and applied in the so-called lighthouse cities. It then features a section on replicability in which the follower cities look at the lessons they’ve learned in adapting the measures to their contexts. The final section deals with innovative smart business models for use in the smart city context.

The best practices book is available here. More insights are available on the STARDUST resources page.


Photo credit: Devin Avery on Unsplash