STARDUST takes off

A billboard on is up at gates A46 and A49 of Brussels airport. It was installed as part of the prize for the 2018 .eu Web Award won by the STARDUST

STARDUST works to increase people’s quality of life by developing smarter and more sustainable cities. The .eu domain name enhances the reliability of our website and underscores our collaboration at European level for a better future”.

This is the statement from STARDUST project’s coordinator, Florencio Manteca. It can be read on the STARDUST billboard recently installed at Brussels airport, one of the main hubs for stakeholders to meet up for European-related issues and events. The billboard was produced in the framework of the 2018 .eu Web Awards contest won by STARDUST’s website in the “Better world” category. The platform was designed by STARDUST’s partner Fondazione iCons and the billboard will be available at gates A46 and A49 until the end of March.

Launched in 2014, the Web Awards is an online contest which wishes to acknowledge the best websites that use the .eu or .ею (Cyrillic script) extensions. The whole competition is organised by EURid, the registry manager of the .eu and .ею country code top-level domains upon appointment of the European Commission in 2003. The “Better World” category is reserved to websites that represent green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organisations.

Check out the video produced by EURid and celebrating STARDUST’s victory.