Tampere’s IoT Platform Gaining Recognition as one of Finland’s Most Skilled Procurement of the Year

The procurement of Tampere’s IoT platform has been nominated as a finalist for this year’s most skilful procurement competition in Finland

One way of acquiring and implementing smart city solutions is through public procurements. With this approach, the public sector may encourage private companies to invest on these innovations. The procurement of the Lighthouse city of Tampere’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform has been nominated by the Finnish Public Procurement Advisory Unit as one of the finalists for Finland’s most skilful procurement competition.

The city of Tampere has quite a line-up. It managed to procure three solutions under the STARDUST project. These are their IoT platform, their outdoor lighting control system and their urban environmental sensing system. Together, these will let them move one step further in becoming one of Finland’s most innovative and liveable cities.

This year its procurement of the IoT platform and its two cases (outdoor lighting control and urban environmental sensing) has been selected as one of the four candidates for Finland’s most skilful procurement competition. Being the first of its kind, several municipalities in Finland and beyond have placed a great interest in acquiring Tampere’s solution.

The people that led the procurement for the City of Tampere’s IoT platform are Mika Heikkilä (left), System Manager of the City of Tampere, and Maarit Vehviläinen (right), STARDUST project manager of the City of Tampere. Credit: Rami Marjamäki, Prokuvat

Procurements that were made in 2019 and in 2020 qualify for nomination. Tampere´s procurement was launched on autumn 2019. In the process, the city of Tampere chose Wapice Oy, as a service provider for all three solutions on December 2020.


An award will be given tomorrow to the organisation that made a procurement that was successful and that has been carried out using a special skill, which is made possible by procurement legislation.  The winner will be announced by the Public Procurement Advisory Unit, which is being ran by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.


Cover photo credit: Mirella Mellonmaa, Business Tampere