Sharing the STARDUST Smart Revolution in Trento

From September 20th to the 22nd, the Trento partners of STARDUST engaged with its citizens during the “Trento Smart City Week” and exchanged knowledge and thoughts on the STARDUST solutions that are taking place in the city.

This year marks the 3rd edition of the Trento Smart City Week that held on the third week of September. Its theme, “Citizens at digital time”, aimed on bringing citizens closer to the latest technological innovations and smart solutions being introduced in smart cities. As the city of Trento is a Lighthouse city of the STARDUST project, the Trento partners of STARDUST hosted the “STARDUST SPRITZ” initiative at the “Digital Village” installation in Trento main square and increased citizens’ awareness on the upcoming digital transformation that will take place in their own backyard.

The STARDUST stall at the Trento Smart City Week

Led by the Municipality of Trento, the partners presented the goals and achievements of the project, and interacted with the locals. Topics of discussion included interventions related to electric mobility and its logistical feasibility in limited traffic zones, smart sensors, and energy refurbishment works taking place at the Madonna Bianca district.

Citizens engaging with the STARDUST team in Trento

In this occasion, printed materials, posters and the official video were distributed and shown to the citizens, contributing to the dissemination of the project. Moreover, Eurac Research directly engaged citizens in the planning of the future smart city, by asking for their knowledge about local entrepreneurial initiatives and perceived needs of the city of Trento, through a participatory activity.

With this initiative, the city of Trento hopes that its citizens will be prepared for what lies ahead once the STARDUST interventions will be fully-functioning in a few years’ time.