Defining Replicable Mobility and Energy Solutions with STARDUST Follower Cities

On December 2020, the STARDUST project organised two knowledge exchange and deployment activities for its Follower Cities with a predefined focus on sustainable mobility and energy and buildings

As a follow up to the preceding online capacity building workshop with the Follower city of Derry, the STARDUST project continued to exchange knowledge and foster replication between its Follower and Lighthouse Cities on certain smart cities solutions. On 9 and 11 December, the STARDUST project organised two additional online capacity building workshop sessions for the rest of the Follower Cities – Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Litomerice (Czech Republic) and Kozani (Greece) – on Sustainable Mobility and on Energy & Buildings.

The objective of these workshops is to share relevant knowledge and discuss various topics of interest between the STARDUST Follower and Lighthouse Cities.

These workshops will increase the capacity of STARDUST Follower Cities and facilitate their path towards decarbonisation and sustainability through various smart cities initiatives. To this end, experts and representatives from the STARDUST consortium actively participated in the workshop and shared their valuable experience. Apart from presenting the objectives of the three Follower Cities, the workshops shed some light upon respective sustainable mobility journeys and energy efficiency experiences of the Lighthouse cities of Pamplona (Spain), Tampere (Finland) and Trento (Italy).


 Capacity Building Workshop on Sustainable Mobility


 Capacity Building Workshop on Energy and Buildings



In terms of mobility, Juha-Pekka Häyrynen from the city of Tampere showcased the city’s plans of introducing smart and sustainable modes of transport via e-bus fleets and monitoring endeavours. Furthermore, Maribel Gomez from the Municipality of Pamplona gave a comprehensive overview of the different plans they are introducing to promote sustainable mobility solutions for its citizens and urban logistics needs. Their initiatives have been discussed briefly in our stories on how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing urban mobility, and the last-mile delivery.

Now in terms of energy and buildings, Javier Martinez Léon from Nasuvinsa shared his experience related to the District Heating decarbonisation process in the Txantrea District (Pamplona). Moreover, Ilari Rautanen presented Tampere’s means of training energy experts in housing companies and engaging tenants while Roberto Fedrizzi from EURAC explained how waste heat is being mapped, analysed, quantified and valorised in the Madonna Bianca Case (Trento). Some minutes were also dedicated to the status of replication plans of each Follower City.

Click here to catch up with the previous workshop focusing on the interests and plans of the Follower City Derry. Meanwhile, the recordings of the latest workshops and their respective presentations are to be found on our STARDUST YouTube page:


Cover photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels