A City’s Mission to turn itself into an Urban Laboratory

On December 11, 2018, Smart Iruña Lab program selected 6 technological proposals that will be developed under the STARDUST project in Pamplona

STARDUST’s Lighthouse City of Pamplona launched the Smart Iruña Lab, a programme which will be testing innovative and non-commercial smart city solutions made by entrepreneurs and companies. The goal is to try out new technologies capable of transforming the city into a sustainable and habitable safe haven. This will improve the citizens’ quality of life and promote the city’s economic and social development.

The lab received eighteen smart city solutions from different enterprising people, researchers, startups or companies, among which six were selected for pilot testing. These were announced at the beginning of December 2018 during an event in which the Mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asiron, and the councilor for Innovation, Aritz Romeo, were present. Some of the winners namely, STOPLED, SMART ROAD City and URAD, will tackle the issues on sustainable mobility using ICT.

Joseba Asiron, the mayor of Pamplona, is introducing the Smart Iruña Lab

The Pamplona City Council will be working with each of the team and define the technicalities of each pilot project. The solutions will run during the first semester of 2019 in specific locations of the city. Along the way, they will receive feedback on the progress of their tests, along with training and support to optimize the business model of the proposed solutions. This will make the solutions more efficient, scalable and viable from a business perspective.

An exciting year awaits the city of Pamplona, which is ready to turn into an innovative urban laboratory with consequent benefits for all its citizens’ as well as for the local economic and social development.