Old concepts, new paradigms: the business model challenge in the smart city era

Article - 05 Mar 2024
How to monetise environmental benefits? What’s the value of reducing traffic and emissions? Economic savings and traditional methods are not enough: to calculate the profitability of smart and sustainable cities, we need to rethink the concept of business model.

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Together is better: when engaging citizens makes cities smarter

Article - 13 Feb 2024
Engaging rather than imposing top-down solutions. Community empowerment and trust-building make European cities smarter: Insights and innovations from a grassroots approach to urban planning.

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Smart and for all: the city of the future is human and inclusive

Article - 22 Jan 2024
Smart Cities: what’s in it for the citizens? Technology should empower people, but sometimes it becomes an end in itself rather than a means to an end. Cities must address problems like the digital divide, use technology to help the less privileged categories, and know when to intervene or step back to foster social values and inclusivity

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Virtual cities for very real benefits: from Local Digital Twins to the Cityverse

Article - 16 Oct 2023
Virtual clones of our cities are popping up all over Europe. As crucial urban planning tools to cut emissions and help achieve carbon neutrality, digital twins are now already heading to the “Cityverse”: a connection of virtual and physical environments, to put technology at the service of citizens' needs

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Targeting Carbon Neutrality: shoot for the moon to land among the stars

Article - 15 Jun 2023
They might be shooting for the moon, but many European cities are making huge and concrete steps towards a greener future to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. From the Greek plan for a green hydrogen valley to the Romanian full-electric dream, the inspiring examples of Kozani and Cluj-Napoca.

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