UPNA presents Stardust’s sensor tech at IEEE Autumn School

Project partner Public University of Navarra (UPNA) has presented some of the sensing technologies used in the STARDUST project to PhD students.

As part of IEEE’s* educational activities, UPNA hosted the IEEE Sensors Council Autumn School in November, dedicated to sensing technologies, their practical applications and entrepreneurship in this area.

During the STARDUST presentation, UPNA’s José Javier Astrain Escola described the sensor technologies used it one of the project’s lighhouse cities, Pamplona, Spain. He also described the mechanisms of integration, standardization and fusion of data in the city platform for its possible exploitation, both by the City Council of Pamplona and by third parties.

The presentation slides are available here: STARDUST _ IEEE_2022.

*IEEE is a global technical and professional organisation aimed at advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Photo: Speakers and delegates at the IEEE Sensors Autumn School 2022 at UPNA.


The 2022 IEEE Sensors Council’s Autumn School provided scholars, mainly PhD students, an ample overview of sensing technologies and their applications in different fields including health, smart cities, monitoring of environmental parameters etc. The lectures focused on the applications of different sensors but also described the underlying mechanisms that enable their proper operation (nanostructures, metamaterials or data processing).