STARDUST Newsletter #6

News and articles from recent months

Dear Reader,

As we continue into our final project year, we’ve been organising knowledge transfer workshops for our follower cities Kozani, Cluj-Napoca and Derry. This will help them to set out their replication plans so that they can adapt the solutions from our lighthouse cities.

These exchanges are not just one-way. The three follower cities also have valuable insights for lighthouse cities. In fact, one of our follower cities – Kozani – is one of the 2030 climate-neutral cities designated by the EU.

We’re looking forward to pulling together the experience from our work over the few years. After the summer we’ll be holding a webinar series on key subjects such as citizen apps, dataspaces for smart cities and business models. And in October, lighthouse city Trento will be holding its final conference.

In this newsletter, we report on our recent visit to Tampere where we delivered a seminar on future-proofing cities, coinciding with Tampere’s annual Smart City Expo and Conference. We’ve also compiled some articles putting our work into the broader context of climate change and smart cities.

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Best wishes,

Florencio Manteca

STARDUST Project Coordinator

National Renewable Energy Center – CENER