STARDUST Newsletter #3 (December 2019)

Featuring STARDUST's latest news for the second semester of 2019

Dear Reader,

Last October our project STARDUST turned two and I am happy to say that it not only grows stronger each passing month, but it has already started enlightening European cities.

To take three examples, a new fully electric bus line (composed by six e-buses) is already running in Pamplona, supplied with renewable energy, thus avoiding a relevant amount of CO2 and other polluting emissions; also, in Tampere a big advancement has taken place in the integration of energy infrastructure and buildings, including a large variety of types of e-mobility solutions, and an intensive monitoring of the performance of the electric and hybrid buses; moreover, in Trento the definitive design for the Madonna Bianca towers renovation has been finished, and the thermal test for the future geothermal probes installation has been done successfully.

STARDUST is also developing a Smart City Academy, which has already reached a very mature stage. This platform for online learning and ideas exchange will soon be available to our fellow SCC-01 European projects, which will contribute to turning it into an innovative information hub and to making the realisation of smarter and more sustainable cities one step closer.

Another special moment for us was September, with the organisation of the first Balkan Clean Energy Transition Conference and Fair by our Follower city of Kozani, which saw STARDUST among its major supporters. The event was also the first occasion to publicly show the video on the work done by Kozani to turn into a smarter city that STARDUST has recently released together with other six similar videos featuring all our project cities. You can watch them all here.

Finally, please let me invite you to follow our new company page on LinkedIn to always be up-to-date with STARDUST and its mission to forge more sustainable cities worldwide.

But now let’s take a breath, rewind the tape and have a look at what happened in the world of STARDUST over the past months.

Enjoy your stellar reading!

Florencio Manteca

STARDUST Project Coordinator



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