STARDUST Newsletter #2 (March 2019)

Featuring STARDUST's latest news for the past 6 months

Welcome to the second issue of STARDUST’s newsletter!

Almost a year and a half has passed since we launched STARDUST in October 2017 and it is good time to have a look back and sum it all up. How are we doing? Well!

In the Lighthouse cities of Pamplona, Tampere and Trento, we have been intensively working on a series of tasks. Firstly, we have been defining the local implementation plans, which are the master documents of the lighthouse demonstration actions. Secondly, we have been finishing the design of the different smart energy actions. Thirdly, we have been establishing the local innovation ecosystems focused on citizens by working together with all the local stakeholders. Lastly, we have been purchasing equipment and are deeply involved in innovative public procurement processes for the cities.

I am also proud to announce that our platform, designed by STARDUST’s partner Fondazione iCons, was awarded the .eu Web Awards 2018 as best website with .eu domain in the “Better World” category, a category reserved to websites that represent green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organizations. As part of the prize, a billboard on STARDUST is up at gates A46 and A49 of Brussels airport until the end of March. If you happen to be there, go have a look at it!

STARDUST has been constantly playing an important role in the SCC ecosystem by actively joining international meetings and closely cooperating with the other EU-funded Lighthouse projects. One example? We had the pleasure to present STARDUST at the Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger (Norway) on September 2018 in a session dedicated to the youngest members of the SCC01 family.

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And now let me invite you to come and explore our rich collection of stories in the world of STARDUST.

I hope you will enjoy your starry reading!

Florencio Manteca
STARDUST Project Coordinator


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