STARDUST Newsletter #1 (July 2018)

Featuring STARDUST's latest news for the past 6 months

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Welcome to the first release of STARDUSTʼs newsletter where we keep you posted with the latest projectʼs news, results and activities!

STARDUST is a five-year EU-funded project that started in October 2017. Its goal is to “Enlighten European cities” by developing a number of innovative,smart urban interventions in the fields of mobility, energy, ICT and citizens engagement so as to make our cities more liveable and sustainable.

These solutions will be demonstrated in 3 Lighthouse cities (Pamplona in Spain, Trento in Italy and Tampere in Finland), whereas 4 Follower cities (Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Derry in Northern Ireland, Kozani in Greece and Litoměřice in Czech Republic) will help develop a solid replication strategy to spread STARDUSTʼs methodology across Europe.

STARDUST is still young, but it has already a lot of stories up its sleeve. Examples? In this issue, you will learn about the latest activities in which some of our fellow cities were involved. You will also have a glimpse of the busy international agenda awaiting us in the next months. In addition to that, our project video and the first of a series of interviews to STARDUST members will accompany you into the world of STARDUST by describing its goals, actions and motivations.

Of course, we will also tell you of our trip to sunny Lisbon where we met up with all the other 11 Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities fellow projects. Altogether, we signed the Smart City Manifesto, the document that states our common mission to create more sustainable cities by revolutionising urban landscapes.

As you can see, the world of STARDUST is lively and cosmic, and you are warmly invited to explore it through our newsletter and by visiting our website or following us on social media.

Have a stellar reading!

Florencio Manteca
STARDUST Project Coordinator


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