Show the flow – new service helps shop owners anticipate footfall in Tampere

A service has been introduced in Tampere which predicts people flows in the city centre. It has been developed by software company Wapice Oy and the City of Tampere.

Known as Tampereen Pulssi (Tampere Pulse), the service enables retailers in the city to anticipate the number of people coming into the city centre during various events. Cameras located around the city collect anonymous data about the number of people moving about the city. This information can then be used for more precise planning for staff and opening hours, and also for avoiding traffic jams.

Tampere Pulse is part of the Tampere.Finland application. It uses the city’s IoT* platform to which the STARDUST smart cities project contributed. The project was also involved in the development of the Tampere.Finland app.

*Internet of Things


Photo credit: Skyfox Marko Kallio | City of Tampere