Joint participatory webinar | Replication strategies compared: Challenges and lesson learnt from projects Stardust and Pocityf

Join us to share your experience and make replication more effective in the future!

As part of the EU-funded project STARDUST, one of the objectives is to assess innovative solutions tested in Lighthouse Cities, Pamplona, Tampere, and Trento, to replicate them in the Follower Cities, Kozani, Cluj-Napoca, and Derry.

For this webinar, the STARDUST project joins forces with the EU-funded project POCITYF, to discuss the challenges and lessons learned from the replication strategies developed for the Fellow Cities in these two projects.

Moreover, with STARDUST ending in a couple of months, this webinar will be a good opportunity to share its achievements and discuss what could have been done differently.

For POCITYF, which still has a year to go, it will be a chance to compare its approach and learn from STARDUST’s best practices.

Agenda (all times in CET)

11-11:05;: Welcome addressing

11:05-11:30: Replication strategies in Stardust and Pocityf

11:30-11:50 PROs and CONs – Discussion

11:50-12:00 Wrap-up

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The webinar will be moderated by Mark Thompson, a Communication Officer at ICONS.


Get to know the panelists

Elena Conte

Elena is a Software Engineer working as a researcher with technical expertise in software development applied to IoT (Internet of Things), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Data Analysis and Visualization. She has also relevant experience in project management particularly within the framework of EU-funded research projects belonging to energy, industry and smart city domains.

Michael Heidenreich

Michael is dealing especially with marketing and market research in the fields of renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency (EE), and renewable resources in general. The expertise covers collaborating with national/international organizations in European projects, socio-economic research and replication management in several European projects.

Laura Nieto

Laura is a Project Manager with a European projects and territory development background. She has experience in different European programmes such as Erasmus+, Horizon and Interreg. She also has worked in the fields of innovative and inclusive education and international relations. She joined G!E in January 2023.