Tampere Smart City Week

from Sat, 25 January 2020
to Fri, 31 January 2020
Tampere, Finland, Tampere, Finland
Sustainable, Intelligent and Smart City; how is it possible?

About Tampere Smart City Week 2020

From the 25th to the 31st of January 2020, the City of Tampere (Finland) will host its second Smart City Week. The event will address the question: Sustainable, Intelligent and Smart City; how is it possible?

Tampere Smart City Week (TCSW 2020) presents a wide range of smart city developments through various events. These events will let as many people as possible know how innovative, digital and sustainable smart city solutions have been created in the Tampere Region. An important goal of the week is to strengthen collaboration between businesses, universities, research institutes and cities, enabling the emergence of new internationally scalable smart city solutions, newest technologies and business models. 3000 visitors from Finland and abroad are expected to join the Tampere Smart City Week.

In this framework, the City of Tampere invites you to the Smart City Mindtrek 2020 International Conference & Business Expo (28 – 30 January 2020). This event creates innovation, strengthens and supports development. It’s all about networking and exchanging ideas with people who come from different backgrounds and who have different areas of expertise. 

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STARDUST at the Tampere Smart City Week

In particular, the City of Tampere, together with STARDUST and other projects and entities, is organising the session on Carbon Neutral Building & Energy. The session will reflect on how carbon-neutral building could be achieved. It focuses both on carbon calculating and energy transition. In 2025, carbon footprinting in new buildings will become a mandatory requirement for a building permit. What does this mean for the building industry and the Environment? Can energy communities take us to the next level in smart energy solutions? Come and hear from top experts and learn from case examples from Finland and abroad.

This track is especially targeted to experts and researchers both from private and public sectors.


Smart Cities & Communities Replication Workshop led by STARDUST

Last but not the least, a one-day workshop on replication will take place on January 29 during the TCSW 2020 and is open to all Lighthouse projects: Success Stories and Development Challenges of Carbon Neutral and Energy-efficient Mobility, Building and Energy from Finnish Lighthouse Projects. During the workshop, the cities from Finland will share their experiences of developing low carbon solutions for energy, buildings and mobility and invite their partners from Europe to share their stories in the discussion. The event is organised by the STARDUST, IRIS, MatchUP, Making-City and mySMARTLife Lighthouse projects.