Re-defining Urban Metabolism

The STARDUST project will tackle the urbanisation challenges by designing and implementing innovative smart solutions in three Lighthouse cities – Pamplona (Spain), Tampere (Finland), Trento (Italy) – with a holistic approach. Afterwards, four Follower cities – Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Derry (UK & Northern Ireland), Kozani (Greece), Litoměřice (Czech Republic) – will provide an avenue to cultivate tailored replication strategies that resonate the project’s actions across Europe.

(Photo - Tom Heaney, nwpresspics)


The following interventions will be implemented:

    • Establish the Sustainable Energy Forum: Form a partnership to lead the local agenda on Energy and Sustainability initiatives and co-ordinate the development of the regions energy supply.
    • Maximise energy efficiency by implementing the Fuel Poverty reduction project until 2017 to meet a target of 1000 households annually, and by supporting and implementing the second stage of the fuel poverty reduction scheme 2017 – 2019 and by designing, developing and seeking funding for an energy efficiency scheme post 2019.
    • Maximise the development of natural gas network: Engage with the gas network installation companies to plan, optimise and develop the natural gas network to maximise its availability to citizens and commercial organisations.
    • Plan, site and design inclusive renewable energy developments: Support planners, developers and the community to identify suitable locations for siting renewable energy installations.
    • Plan and implement a smart grid pilot project to include a mix of energy sources balancing renewables with traditional fossil fuels by developing partnerships with local and prospective EU partners to identify smart grid options for a pilot project.
    • Analyse the regions energy consumption and develop a strategy to reduce energy use by 20% by 2030 by engaging with public and private organisations to baseline the regions carbon emissions, and by developing and implementing a carbon emission strategy and reduction plan to meet a 20% target by 2030.


    • Develop and implement a strategy to increase the uptake of EV’s at a regional level.