Tampere Smart City Week 2022

from Tue, 14 June 2022
to Wed, 15 June 2022
Tampere, Finland, Tampere, Finland
Tampere is set to host its annual Smart City Week

This year, Tampere’s Smart City Week (TSCW) will be a physical event. It brings together business and industry, the scientific community and city developers, and anyone interested in makeing towns and cities smart.

The line-up of themes for the 2-day event includes smart mobility, digital security, health technologies. The IoT platform, developed as part of STARDUST, will also be presented and there will talks by Tampere and VTT on topics such as:

  • What is missing in the cities’ path to carbon neutrality?
  • Ecossystems as a way for innovation and co-creation
  • What is the Resilient Smart City Ecosystem and why join?

To visit the event website, click here.