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One step closer to making sustainable and smart cities

News release - 04 Feb 2020
The STARDUST project supported the 2019 edition of the Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions Conference in Bolzano. During the event, STARDUST partners from Eurac Research gave two presentations on the STARDUST smart urban interventions being implemented in Trento

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Pamplona unveils new results from its smart city programme

News release - 27 Jan 2020
The Pamplona City Council organised a workshop on Smart cities and Living Labs, where the results of the first edition of the Smart Iruña Lab programme were presented. It included interesting presentations on the local innovation ecosystem and the evolving Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

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When clean energy becomes a reality

News release - 09 Jan 2020
The Pamplona City Council has recently installed the prototype Plug&Play solar roof on the Municipal Police building to provide energy for self-consumption

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STARDUST Meets Halfway at the heart of Trento

News release - 20 Nov 2019
The STARDUST consortium welcomes its third year as partners gathered together for its 3rd General Assembly in the city of Trento this October 2019 to discuss the latest updates.

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STARDUST provides data, technology and creativity for a better urban life

News release - 19 Nov 2019
A CityApp is being designed within the STARDUST project for the city of Pamplona. The development of new use cases for the app was the challenge proposed by the City Council to the participants of the “Navarra LAN Party”

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