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Transforming Academic Research into more tangible actions for Smart Cities

- 11 Jul 2018
Three research institutions from the STARDUST consortium shared their insights with a network of Spanish universities as to how Smart Cities can act as exemplary figures for replication to their regions

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Hacking into the City’s Infrastructure for a Brighter Future

- 30 Jun 2018
Disruptive ideas on Smart City Solutions were showcased in Tampere’s industrial Hackathon innovation challenge

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Orienting Northern Irelands’ Businesses towards the use of Sustainable Energy

- 26 Jun 2018
A seminar for businesses in Northern Ireland on clean energy was held in the city of Derry

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Stardust in the Land of a Thousand Lakes

- 07 May 2018
Stardust partners met in Finland to discuss their first six months’ progress

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