Brexit and the UK’s decarbonisation efforts: a hit or a miss?

Article - 25 Feb 2021
Post-Brexit is a challenging era for the United Kingdom's climate and environmental policy. Some experts believe that the new situation will speed up the country’s plans while others worry it will thwart them

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Last mile delivery: a greener Santa Claus is coming to town

Article - 21 Dec 2020
With the COVID-19 crisis and a booming e-commerce, parcel delivery services have become a challenge in terms of increased traffic and pollution in urban areas. Electric vehicles, drones and even four-legged robots are being tested on the so-called “last-mile” in cities

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How the Covid-19 pandemic is changing urban mobility

Article - 17 Sep 2020
The current necessity of social distancing is re-shaping urban transport. In several cities the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is already evident. Like the 'bike revolution' started in the Netherlands after an economic and social crisis in the Seventies, the pandemic may be a fly-wheel for sustainable mobility in many polluted urban areas

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Climate change fight still makes the EU headlines during the Covid-19 crisis

Article - 15 Apr 2020
The coronavirus emergency won’t affect the timeline of the EU’s Green Deal. This is despite some fossil-fuel-reliant countries asking the Commission to put its flagship policy on hold, even if they stand to benefit most from the Deal's Just Transition Fund

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Hydrogen cars with zero emissions at the tailpipe, ready to spread widely

Article - 05 Nov 2019
Hydrogen based technology in the electric transport sector is competing with traditional fuels like diesel and gasoline for long distances. It is quiet, needs reasonable time for refuelling and it releases water only

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