Understanding e-Mobility: Study Tour of Trento’s representatives in La Rochelle

On March 21, the Lighthouse representatives of Trento visited the city of La Rochelle to learn about the ins and outs of implementing their electro-mobility (e-mobility) program within the city.

Mobility is one of the key points in which STARDUST eyes on transforming. A group of technical experts from Trento went to La Rochelle to study the feasibility of implementing the French city’s e-mobility solutions. They were mainly composed of Laura Cattani, head of the Mobility Office from the City of Trento, Tiziano Bonella, the Head of Mobility and Employee Safety Project from the City of Trento, Marco Cattani, the Head of Trentino Mobilita – an in-house implementing agency of the city of Trento, and Alyona Zubaryeva, a project manager and senior researcher of the European Academy of Bolzano. They intended to replicate some of the elements from La Rochelle’s solutions regarding its electric car sharing system and electric vehicle logistic centre in the city of Trento.

Hosts from La Rochele namely Brigitte Desveaux, the Vice President in charge of the city’s Mobility and Transport, Anna-Maria Spano, Deputy Mayor of La Rochelle, Marie Santini, chief of the Mobility and Transport Department,  Anna Chane, the Proxiway manager and Jackie Fumoleau from the Mobility and Transport Department provided further information on the politics behind the city’s e-mobility programme. They pointed out to the representatives of Trento that e-mobility as a whole is not as straightforward as it seems. The organization needed to implement the electric vehicles’ logistics hub should be accompanied with the relevant regulation of the city’s limited traffic areas and the controls needed to access it. Moreover, the price of the services should be set at a competitive rate in order to attract logistics companies’ attention. During their visit, they got to see the city’s electric buses, logistics centre and electric boat with solar panels.

Apart from the best practices presented by the representatives of La Rochelle, the people from Trento presented to them the STARDUST approach wherein a holistic vision of tackling the cities’ problems are being developed including that of mobility.