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STARDUST is enriched with new ideas: an excellent success for the “Innovation Challenge” in Trento

News release - 22 Jul 2020
During the COVID-19 lockdown, the city of Trento launched an Innovation challenge open to university students. The goal is for them to team up and propose environmentally sustainable “mobility” solutions for its city and its citizens to benefit from

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A chat with STARDUST: meet Pamplona

Interview - 21 Jul 2020
In the past decade the capital of Spain's Navarra region has embarked on a journey to become smart and sustainable. Its participation in the EU project STARDUST will help the city develop its ambitious plans

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Celebrating Solidarity across EU Cities with #CityFromMyWindow

News release - 08 Jun 2020
Since March, lockdowns have been reinforced by numerous states in Europe. STARDUST, together with the other fellow SCC01 projects, launched a social media campaign on April called #CityFromMyWindow to promote solidarity among citizens

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Climate change fight still makes the EU headlines during the Covid-19 crisis

Article - 15 Apr 2020
The coronavirus emergency won’t affect the timeline of the EU’s Green Deal. This is despite some fossil-fuel-reliant countries asking the Commission to put its flagship policy on hold, even if they stand to benefit most from the Deal's Just Transition Fund

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Struggling with the lockdown? A hashtag can help

News release - 14 Apr 2020
Follow #SmartCitiesHelp to discover the best ideas EU smart cities offer to better deal with the everyday challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic

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