Balkan Clean Energy Transition 2019

from Thu, 19 September 2019
to Sun, 22 September 2019
Exhibition Centre of Western Macedonia, Koila 501 00, Kozani, Greece
Energy experts, policymakers and other stakeholders will congregate and find ways on ensuring a smooth transition towards the decarbonisation and provision of clean energy within the Balkan regions.

Europe plans to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This would entail the complete decarbonisation and phasing-out of coal in the European energy sector. The Balkan regions will be affected by this change as coal still plays a central role in their energy mix.

Supported by the STARDUST project and the EU Smart Cities Information System (SCIS), the Kozani Chamber of Commerce and CluBe will launch their 1st International Balkan Clean Energy Transition conference and fair in the STARDUST Follower city of Kozani.

The full agenda can be read here.